Order Prints

For unframed prints, the baseline price for the production of an image is $30. The rest of the cost depends on the size of the print and choice of paper. I typically provide one matte option and one glossy option at a cost of about $0.15/sq. in for general-use prints, and museum-quality offerings for about $0.22/sq. in. Costs can run from $33.60 for a small 4" x 6" print on standard paper, all the way up to $152.00 for a 20" x 30" print on premium paper.  I use fairly nonstandard crops on many of my images, so customers often choose to add some border around an image in order to fit a typical aspect ratio for an off-the-shelf frame. I can advise on this process and provide several border size and aspect ratio options before an order is finalized.

If you don't have a specific image in mind, you can browse my full public catalog on Flickr. The catalog is uncurated, and as such it includes many rejects and experiments. If you have a particular theme or subject matter in mind, I'm happy to pull some favorite examples from past work. To place a print order, get in touch with me at soren@spicknall.us.